Excerpts from the book

Please find some short excerpts from the book below:

From ‘How it started’
‘We had to avoid productions with lots of acts, skits and people rushing around. It was too complicated and dangerous. Safety had to be maintained at all times. So the idea was developed where the main players could enter the stage together, sit down and enjoy performing from their seats right through from start to finish.’

From ‘Scripts’
‘To assist with memory problems scripts can be read at rehearsals and productions. For vision impaired enlarge their part on their script. Highlight each part in one color to make it simple to follow, e.g.  B.B’s is in pink throughout. Optional non-speaking passive roles can be added to include those who wish to be in it but are unable to take an active part, e.g. people with dementia.’

From ‘True tales’ ‘Jack, lonely and frail suffering badly from osteoporosis and the onset of Parkinson’s. His back unbelievably bent and his voice an old man’s high pitched quaver. Jack joined the drama group. He’d arrive appearing to wonder why he was there… two rehearsals in an hour. It was noticeable by the end of  the first the more Jack became involved the more he forgot his problems… end of the second a more confident, fun loving person would emerge and his deep male voice would suddenly appear as if from nowhere… wanted to do away with his walking frame and stroll onto the stage as Jack…  miracle time!’

From Comedy #4
Nora Bone: Don’t be so daft Dr Screech - the Angel of Death had his way with your Mum 70 years ago when she dropped off the perch.
Dr Screech (with surprise): Fancy you knowing Mum dropped off the perch. - I’ll never forget that day. There she was, high above the circus ring, a tiny figure, with the spotlight beaming on her. (Points up and calls.) Titania Titmouse Trapeze Artist Supremo. - That was her name. - She was just coming off the perch to get on to the high wire when this idiot yelled out ‘TITANIA, YOU’RE SHOWING ONE OF YOUR…. ‘ Well, that was it! She looked down, and that was her undoing. She dropped off the perch and plunged head first into the open arms of Fernando the Fearless Fire Eater. - If only he hadn’t just doused himself in petrol and set light to himself she would have lived. - As it was, they both went up in a blaze of glory. - The strange thing was the circus audience all thought it was part of the act and they were still clapping and cheering half an hour later when the Fire Brigade arrived!

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