About the author

The author, Marylin Snow, has worked in aged care for many years and has a special interest in dementia care, creative writing, music, sailing and enjoying life. She’s been involved in youth work as a junior section Boys’ Brigade leader in England, and as a Brown Owl in Australia.


Forming and running a  special needs group is Marylin’s first experience of drama. old-men_editedFrom the start she’s found directing it to be easy, fun and immensely rewarding and is convinced that if she can do it, anyone can! She continues to write comedies and to guide the group, which is still very much alive and flourishing.

Marylin lives in Perth, W.A. with her husband Peter and Tyger their dog. They have a daughter Emma, son-in-law Paul and grandson Charlie.

Drama for Seniors & Special Needs Groups is her first book.

Marylin Snow

Marylin Snow

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