About the book

The book Drama for Seniors & Special Needs Groups: Setting up a drama group plus four plays is a new and exciting concept introducing a drama group with a difference.  It will appeal to diversional therapists, activity/recreational professionals and carers, those with disabilities and any mature age people who may be interested in forming a drama group, which, as an added bonus, is amazingly low cost to run.   It could also be used and enjoyed by those who are younger. The aim of the book is to help promote mental stimulation, self confidence, happiness, social interaction, and a return to ‘being in control’ in those whose lives can still be enriched and have a sense of purpose through involvement in  drama.

“Sounds so exciting! How can we do it?” “Can you tell me?” - Diversional therapists

Following a presentation ‘Drama in Aged Care’ by Marylin  to the Diversional Therapy Association of W.A. about the formation of the unique and highly successful Waminda Drama Group considerable interest was shown. Drama for Seniors & Special Needs Groups has been written in response.

Drama for Seniors & Special Needs Groups provides a comprehensive easy to follow guide to setting up a special drama group and includes hints on how to include nearly everyone. It gives instructions on puppet and puppet  theatre making for ‘optional’ puppet shows to be incorporated into the plays, a guide to stage design and costumes, illustrations and photographs, a section on songs/music/sound effects, links from one section to another, and includes a wealth of other data. It contains the scripts for four  well loved, very funny and highly successful comedies (photocopiable for cast members only.)

The book also tells the real life story of  a typical group of seniors living in residential care  who became involved in their own experimental drama group. It describes the initial challenges and how quickly a  successful formula was found to allow those suffering from dementia, stroke, Parkinsons disease, cancer, impaired vision and mobility, low self esteem and other difficulties to become involved. The results were amazing. Drama for Seniors & Special Needs Groups invites you to share in this success.

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